Why We Source our Alpaca Clothing from Peru

From winter hats and snuggly socks to fashionable capes and sweaters, we source most of our alpaca clothing from Peru. Several times a year, owner Jannett Spearman hops on a plane to find new inventory. Her standards are high as she looks for the best goods to stock the shop.

Alpaca Clothing from Peru

When it comes to alpaca wool clothing, Peru provides the majority of exports next to Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile. Alpacas enjoy living in high altitudes. This makes their wool thick and warm. Because they thrive in Peru, the animals have become a dear part of not only the Peruvian economy but also, their heritage.

Peru Map

Map of Peru (source)

The Andean people have many legends about alpacas and see them as a significant figure in their cultural history. The Peruvian flag even has an alpaca on the shield.

Peruvian Flag (source)

So, what makes alpaca clothing from Peru so special? Keep reading to find out why.

Highest Quality Wool

Alpaca wool fiber is revered for its high quality. The wool can become heavy or lightweight depending on how it is spun. In contrast to sheep’s wool, alpaca wool doesn’t prick your skin. Also, alpacas don’t produce lanolin. So, the wool is hypoallergenic.

White Women's Alpaca Sweater, Alpaca clothing from Peru

White and Blue Women’s Alpaca Sweater/Cardigan with Llama design (L-XL)

By starting with such high-quality wool, the garments become a much higher quality overall. They are soft and warm yet, breathable. If you want to make sure you take good care of alpaca wool clothing, read more about how to maintain them properly in How to Clean and Store Alpaca Sweaters.

Relationships with Artisans

Jannett has lived in Peru at different times during her adult life. Even today, she maintains relationships with artisans in Peru. This allows her to source clothing directly from makers in the country.

Green Women's Alpaca Sweater from Spearman Artisanry

Green Women’s Alpaca Sweater/Cardigan with Llama design (L-XL)

By working directly with people in Peru, Jannett helps individuals with their business. Instead of relying on a middle man, she knows who made the products.

Ensuring Fair Trade

Fair Trade is typified by several key practices. First, fair trade helps lower poverty. Instead of receiving charity, people working in fair trade business relationships are building a stable income for themselves. Second, fair trade ensures the ethical treatment of workers. In contrast to sweatshops, the artisans who make these alpaca goods work for themselves. Often, they work out of their homes with family members or friends to produce these clothes. Third, fair trade encourages environmentally sustainable methods. The rearing of alpacas, treatment of wool and creation of the garments do not use mass-production methods.

Red Women's Alpaca Sweater

Red Women’s Alpaca Sweater/Cardigan with Llama design (L-XL)

Part of the mission of Spearman Artisanry is to support our makers, especially those in South America. By purchasing directly from artisans, and visiting them in person, Jannett can ensure the process by which the goods were produced.

Shop Alpaca Clothing

If you are interested in ethical, high-quality clothing, then you’ll love the alpaca garments at Spearman Artisanry. Every item is unique and well-made because we get them from amazing artisans. You can get your own alpaca clothing from Peru by shopping at our store in Lynchburg or in our online shop.

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