Meet My Friend, Anita!

While living as missionary teachers in Lima, Peru, I became very ill due to mold allergies. My doctor had prescribed medication and suggested that I find a hobby to destress. So, I began to attend a local artisan school and had decided to just take as many classes as I could before returning to the United States. I took everything from business administration, marketing, art, etc. However, the class that I took where I learned wire crochet was my favorite, so I decided to specialize in it. One of my teachers was named Anita.
She was simply a delight to learn from, a Christian, and amazing teacher. From that point forward, she was the teacher that I chose to work with. We got to know each other outside of the classroom as well and became close friends. We had so much in common as teachers, mothers, and wives. Her faith was also such an encouragement to me.
Before leaving to return to the States, I asked her if she would like to continue working with me because I knew that I wanted to start a fair trade boutique wherever we moved. Anita is now our director in Peru. Her focus is on training artisans to make some of the jewelry that we carry and find artisans that supply some of the different merchandise that we carry. Of course, you can also find some of her amazing pieces in our stores as well.
We have been working together now for almost eleven years, not only me, but many artisans have been truly blessed by her. COVID was a huge test for us, but we continued to provide for all of the artisans because our shops, and online store, were able to stay open because of the loyal support of our customers.
I will be forever indebted to Anita. What was once a dream has now become a reality because of her willingness to help others. Please pray for her, her family, and the country of Peru as they go through many political changes. 

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