Tejiendo Vidas Cooperative

We are very excited about the growth of  Tejiendo Vidas Cooperative which is part of Building Lives International in Nicaragua. This year we were able to welcome Osmara who is our director’s sister. She knows how to crochet very well and has been training the team how to crochet jewelry. It is amazing how this small group has grown, and we have been able to help them make their dreams become reality.

We have also decided this year to support Karol Rivera, who is one of the original artisans in the group.  She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree and we would love to help her achieve her goal.  Part of our goal is to help support the young people, not only in Nicaragua, but around the world, so that they can achieve their dreams in education. 

Others in the group include, Esther who graduated three years ago with a degree in environmental science, Exania who graduated two years ago with her degree in education, and Moises who just graduated last year with a degree in international business.

On a side note, we are currently attempting to sponsor Moises and Exania to come to the United Stated legally. Please help us to pray that the government will grant them Visas. They, like many young people, do want to come to the United States, but legally.

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