About Us

About Us

Everything at Spearman Artisanry meets our standards for mindful, ethical merchandising. All of our goods are either fair trade or made in the USA by artisans. In fact, the owner, Jannett Spearman sources all of the items in our shop directly from the artists. This ensures that each piece matches our ethical and quality standards.

Everything in Spearman Artisanry is…

  • Ethically Sourced: Jannett knows each of the artisans personally, allowing her to ensure they are treated fairly.
  • Fairly Priced: We want to share our artist’s work with as many people as possible and keeping fair prices allows us to reach more shoppers.
  • High Quality: We only sell items of the highest quality handmade by artists and artisans around the world.
  • Unique to You: All of our gifts bear a bespoke quality and many are one-of-a-kind.

We appreciate our lovely customers and strive to bring them heirloom-quality pieces that bring them joy for a lifetime.

Three Unique Places to Shop

If you are searching for fair trade, local or made in USA collections, Spearman Artisanry is your best source for jewelry, accessories clothing, home goods and gifts. Currently, you can shop our gifts in person, at 919 Main Street, at the Lynchburg Community Market or online in our shop.

About Jannett Spearman

“Although I know several techniques, crocheting jewelry from pure silver is my favorite.” – Jannett Spearman, Owner

Jannett Spearman, owner at Spearman Artisanry, has grown her brand from a handmade jewelry collection to a global source for fair trade jewelry, accessories clothing, home goods, and gifts. She is a jewelry designer, shopkeeper and budding entrepreneur. That passion started with her love of handmade goods.

Jannett started her career in electronics, putting her technical skills to good use. With time, Jannett’s passion for working with her hands caused her to explore the art of making jewelry. So, she enrolled at Peruano Japones Art Center, studying jewelry design, merchandising and business administration.

In those classes, she learned glass fusing, weaving, leather working, felting, beading, painting, embossing, wire wrapping, and other artistic skills. Ultimately, Jannett embraced wire crochet for its sculptural, feminine and romantic characteristics.

Now, her jewelry business has expanded into a fair trade boutique. If you are searching for fair trade or handmade collections, Spearman Artisanry is your best source for jewelry, accessories clothing, home goods and gifts.

Spearman Artisanry Gives Back

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” -Matthew 24:40

“El Rey les responderá: ‘Les aseguro que todo lo que hicieron por uno de mis hermanos, aun por el más pequeño, lo hicerion por mí.’” -Mateo 25:40

All throughout her life, Jannett Spearman has maintained a passion for giving back. Often, she has worked alongside her husband and family as a part of various ministries and nonprofits. Part of the mission of Spearman Artisanry is to support our artists, especially those in Latin America. Over the years, we have given back by using a portion of profits to build homes in Latin America. Going forward, we set aside 10% of our profits to build more of these homes and continue our mission through our nonprofit Tejiendo Vidas Internacional (Building Lives International).

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